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7:00 am, we want to hear from you. as a reminder, we have closings at the bottom of your screen. schools, businesses, what not. keep yourself safe out there. don't drive in the water. pr good morning, america. revealed at last. the full 9/11 tapes. >> we have several situations going on here. it's escalating big time >> a plane just hit the building. >> wow. >> the entire building just came apart. >> for the first time the dramatic final moments of what really happened almost ten years ago. and the gloves are off. republican presidential candidates come out swinging. >> michael dukakis created five times faster than you did. >> perry and romney take each
7:01 am
other on jobs and social security. an abc news exclusive from aruba. prime suspect gary giordano's attorney speaks out. and our live global television event. from times square to around the world. can we make it happen? >> your three words. >> live. good morning, everyone. so much excitement here. you saw that biggest live shot ever, which strikes fear into the heart of our control room. we're trying to. pull this off today. we're going to go over the world for your three words. good luck. >> never back down. we're not going to back down. afghanistan, all around the world. all around the country.
7:02 am
we can't wait for that. i asked people about their three words. one is, stop the rain. we have been seeing that lot. big concerns this morning about flooding developing right now in the northeast, in upstate new york, causing a major river to rise ten feet in last 12 hours. >> this rain causing so much trouble for places already reeling from hurricane irene, no relief from the flooding here in the northeast. linsey davis is one of the hardest-hit areas, wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. >> reporter: county officials are considering a full evacuation of the area. and this is why, the susquehanna is currently at 26 feet. it's expected to crest this time tomorrow morning, just below 40 feet, 18 inches shy of topping this flood wall. >> this is allen with 45
7:03 am
minutes. >> reporter: this flash flood in ellicot city, maryland, made crossing main street such a daunting task, this woman had to be carried across the gushing waters. rainy remnants of tropical storm lee has flooded highways from maryland to new england. triggering multiple rescues along the east coast. even rescuers need to be rescued in maryland when their boats overturned in the fast-moving current. in dover, pennsylvania, all of the water forced residents to evacuate >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: in lancaster county, firefighters had to rescue these people from their mini van after it became stranded. the swollen susquehanna river
7:04 am
continues to rise, up 10 feet in the last 12 hours. >> water just keeps shooting the bottom of the wall. >> reporter: just to give you a sense of how bad flooding is already, about 100 students got stuck at school overnight, they simply couldn't get home because the roads were flooded out. >> lingsie, thanks very much. >> sam has more on this breaking story. >> twice record flood levels. record 100-year flood level. you can see we have highlighted some of the hot spots here. susquehanna river, 10 feet in 12 hours. no way to get out of the way of flooding like that. more rain in this area. radar is putting all of this way back into the northeast and curving into cities like boston.
7:05 am
baltimore and binghamon the, additional three inches of rain. maria will continue to develop. katia will curb off the coastline. and tropical storm nate. >> thanks, we'll turn now to those just-released 9/11 tapes, three days from those the anniversary of those fateful attacks. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. >> reporter: some of these tapes were previously released, others were not. so, for the first time, we have the intieentirety of the tapes they struggled to deal with the hijackings. at 8:13 in the morning, boston
7:06 am
air traffic fails to reach american flight 11. >> american 11 lost. >> reporter: then the voice one of the flight attendants on the plane calling from the back of the plane. >> the cockpit is not answering. somebody's stand in business class. i don't know. i think we're getting hijacked. >> reporter: air traffic control than hears thes voice of the hijacker. >> don't move. if you try to make any move, you're a danger to the people. >> we have a problem here. we have a hijacked aircraft heading for new york. >> is this real world or an exercise? >> this is not an exercise. >> reporter: another flight, united 175 is also heading for
7:07 am
trade center. >> did you look out your window right now. >> 4,000 feet. it looks like he's -- >> yeah, i see him. >> he's ascending really quick, too. >> that's another situation. >> another one just hit the building. >> wow. >> hit it hard. >> the entire building just came apart. >> reporter: then the drama begins above washington, as air traffic controllers realize what's happening. >> i don't know. someone's got the president on. this is not good. >> and i have the president airborne, whenever. >> reporter: flight 93 rocking its wings, presumably trying to stop the passengers trying to hijack the plane.
7:08 am
a short time later, black smoke was seen rising in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> united 93? >> yes? >> there's a report of black smoke this the last position i gave you. >> 15 miles south of johnstown. >> some 20 minutes later, an order around 10:30 to shoot down any more aircraft. >> declared that we can shoot down aircraft that don't respond to our direction. >> copy that, sir. >> you read frthat from the vic president, correct? >> yes. >> the new york times which first reported on tapes this morning, one key tape hasn't been made public the final half-hour that happened in the cockpit of united 93 as passengers sought to retake the plane. the families of the passengers rejected to the release of that cockpit tape. >> thank you very much. >> sunday, we'll have a special
7:09 am
broadcast on abc down at ground zero about 9/11. the last night's republican debate. the contenders going head to head with front-runner rick perry. the gloves are officially off, aren't they, jon? >> they sure are, and rick perry got beat so much in his first debate by the other republican candidates at one point he called himself a pinata. but he hit back hard. rick perry started his very first presidential debate by touting his record on jobs in texas and hammering mitt romney's record in massachusetts. >> he had one of the lost jobs creation rates in country we created more jobs in texas than he created in four years in massachusetts. >> texas is a great state, texas has zero income tax. texas is a right to work state. republican supreme court.
7:10 am
texas has a lot of oil and gas in the ground. those are wonderful things. but governor perry doesn't believe that he created those things. if he tried to say that, it would be like al gore saying that he created the internet. >> well, as a matter of fact, george bush and his predecessor created jobs at a faster rate than you did, governor. >> that's not correct. >> reporter: what are the facts? in massachusetts, there were more jobs created under governor michael dukakis. perry doubled down on one of his most controversial statements that social security is a ponzi scheme. >> it's a monstrous lie. it's a ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25, 30 years old, you're paying into a program that's going to be there. >> reporter: that put him at odds of what dick cheney told
7:11 am
abc news earlier. >> i certainly don't believe it's a ponzi scheme. >> if anyone else says that the program that we have in place today and young people who are paying into that expect that program to be sound and for them to receive benefits when they reach retirement age, that is just a lie. >> reporter: perry dominated most of the debate as michele bachmann stated it was hard to get attention. perry took shots all of the candidates except newt g gingrinch. >> the romney campaign is already pouncing on rick perry's social security comments saying they would make it possible for him to win the general election. as romney said last night, voters want to save social
7:12 am
security not abolish it. george? >> all right, jon, thank you. >> we've got bill daly. more on this now and on the president's speech from the white house chief of staff bill daly. thank you for joining us. let's pick up on the debate first. we saw the republicans spar with each other last night. they all blasted president obama's economic record. they all promised to repeal president's health care program. so the battle lines in this election are pretty clear? >> well, george, the election is 14 months away. the american people want action now. they don't want more rhetoric. it's not surprise as you would know that these candidates or would he be candidates are attacking the president and saying no to anything that he
7:13 am
proposes. cause economic growth, if congress will act and act now. it will be fully paid for. >> as you know, mr. daly, the president has been talking about jobs, acting on it since day one of his presidency, how will this be different? >> there will be -- the difference will be that these are things, first of all, that can be done. no reason not to them. they'll create jobs. get teachers back to work. first responders back to work. construction workers. money into small businesses and the american people will see a tax cut with the payroll extension. american people should be pulling together to try to help. if there's a political will in this town to act and not have the same old debates that we saw in the summer that do have an affect on the american people. >> mitt romney put out a jobs plan that would create 1.5 million new jobs.
7:14 am
how much will the president's plan create? >> those are numbers that economists should be putting forward, not politicians. when the president came in 2 1/2 years ago, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. in the united states of america. over the last 14 months, the private sector has added jobs. obviously, nowhere near the number that we need. if the congress passed the america jobs act, it will help a substantial number of americans that need help right now. >> what makes you think it will pass? >> george, as you know, first of all, i'm an optimist and the president is an optimist. the ideas that the president will put forward tonight have
7:15 am
had bipartisan support in the past. >> finally, sir, vice president dick cheney gave an interview yesterday to our colleague jon than karl, who pararaised hilla clinton. >> maybe there will be enough ferment in the party. >> vice president cheney is trying to pedal a book out there. i'm not going to comment. hillary clinton has been a tremendous supporter of this president's foreign policies. she's unique individual. the president is very close to her. she's an integral part of this administration and i think may be the former vice president ought to consider himself an expert on maybe republican
7:16 am
politics. george there's no one what maybe dick cheney who believes such ideas. >> okay. >> he's pedalling a book so that's fine. >> thank you for your time. let's turn now to josh elliott with the other top stories of the hour. we'll begin with a developing stories overseas, authorities have arrested two men in berlin on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. police have been searching the men's apartments as well as an islamic center they visited. also this morning, a new message from former libyan leader moammar gadhafi who remains in hiding. he denied rumors that he's fled the country. evidence that his call did come from inside libya.
7:17 am
russian president's calling for reform for that country's dangerously notorious airline industry. that same model of plane has been involved in at least eight other crashes at home, some worrisome news about drugs among teens, reversing years of decline. the government report blames the influence of mexican drug cartels. real-life drama for actress reese witherspoon, she's recovering this morning after being hit by a car while jogging. the 84-year-old driver who struck her, has been cited for failing to yield to a
7:18 am
pedestrian. >> thank you, josh. nice to see sun on the board somewhere. >> that's going to become the top story ofofhe day, flooding in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania. it's just as daylight comes up in that area and cameras get in there, they'll see how bad that flooding is. another day of warm numbers. it's taken all summer to get these numbers in the 90s. but this -- this warmth will kind of ease up a little bit. the quick look at the country. this is zone thatt we zero in o today. that's the weather around the nation.
7:19 am
>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. >> have you seen these signs outside already for your three
7:20 am
words. >> it's the good life. >> rain or shine, there's a lot about the weather. >> do you think it's going to work? >> it's going to be great, we're going to go all around the world live. >> that's great. >> look at the countdown. 49 minutes until all of that happens lot more coming up before that here on "gma." there's the control room getting ready right now. exclues details from aruba, we'll talk to the prime suspect's attorney why he says that gary giordano is being targeted. and is amanda knox set to go free? the crucial decision in an italian court that could see her leave jail and dan abrams is going to be here.
7:21 am
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if you're not delighted, you can return it for a full refund. >> there's no question that it owiteay,eay rkou it does change your life, doe good morning, it is 7:26. i want to start off in bel air. the rain is moving in a while ago and is a sampling of what we have across the region.
7:27 am
67 this morning. winds have gusted in thunderstorms. 25 miles per hour gusts and rain fall over an inch already. there has been heavier rainfall to your west, moving into bel air right now. north of the dam, recent lightning strikes there. this is actually rainfall rates close to two inches per hour up 95. moderate rain just continues along the 83 stretch york road top of the top stretch he felt beltway. it cuts off around westminister. you have had one to two inch of rainfall so far today. you can see in annapolis we are in and out of the moderate rainfall. all funneling up from the south. all morning we have to deal with it. it should ease up a little bit this afternoon. flood warnings at 8:45 and a flood watch the rest of the
7:28 am
day. bel air road york and 795 to edmonton southbound is slow. this is 83 north of the beltway. let's look north of here. the har harrisburg expressway at warren are also residual delays from an earlier accident. the accident is cleared out of the roadway but slow going from warren all the way down to the beltway. also we have a disabled vehicle 95 at 395. be aware of that. that is it for traffic and weather. back to new york. with the total gym. >> announcer: th
7:29 am
7:30 am
not long now, less than 40 minutes away from something that we haven't done it before. this is going to be amazing. so many people across america, around the world, getting ready to join us. we can't wait to show it all to you. that was the president of our news division. >> hope this works. they keep putting that sign up. it's going work, tony,, it's going to be beautiful. we have a couple of control rooms going. also ahead on "gma" freedom for amanda knox, about to set free after years in an italian
7:31 am
prison? the test of crucial dna ed that could change everything. >> it really could. she could be freed by the end of the month. and big interview we have been waiting for, sarah jessica parker, has a new movie out called "i don't know how she does it." coming up in just a little bit. all right, let's get to right to robyn gardner the american woman missing in aruba, the judge denying gary giordano release. matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. it took a panel of aruban judges just ten minutes to shut down his appeal. his attorney told us that it was a sad day for aruban justice. he insists his client is
7:32 am
innocent. the one person that he's been able to talk to is now talking to us. in his first one-on-one interview, his attorney michael lopez tells gma his client is being railroaded. prosecutors say they don't have a body or a murder weapon and they still don't have a real motive, so what are they presenting in court? >> nothing. >> reporter: gma exclusively obtained these transcripts of his calls to american express about an insurance policy he purchased for robyn gardner the policy is worth $1.5 million and giordano is the sole beneficiary. he made four calls about it. the representative called the police. some people might say that mr. giordano calling the insurance company to try to collect or inquire about $1.5 million
7:33 am
policy would be callous. >> he called not to collect but only to inquire. he only called the insurance company on my instruction to notify them that something has happened here in aruba. >> reporter: these fbi files show that an amex representative said that giordano sounded excited like he was about to win something. >> i had no reason to doubt him. i mean never felt like i was in any danger. i didn't hesitate to sign him as a beneficiary. i didn't think he was going to kill me or try to collect on it. >> reporter: on wednesday it took a panel of three judges fewer than ten minutes to dismishis appeal and pack him back off to prison. was he surprised that he got another 60 days of prison?
7:34 am
>> yes, surprised and saddened. >> reporter: is he depressed? >> i think so. >> reporter: but for robyn's family and her live-in boyfriend, his comfort matters little. >> i want him detained for as long as possible. i think he's the key to it all. >> reporter: he's been held in a bathroom-sized cell with two other men. they can keep him without charges for another 90 days. at that point, they is to either charge him or release him. we're going to talk to dan abrams, more, about this. you have also mentioned that aruban officials don't want to drop the ball in light of the natalee holloway case. are they going too far. >> i don't think yet. no question that this is a case of national importance in aruba, not only a criminal
7:35 am
investigation for them, in the wake of natalee holloway, not just the prosecutors it's going to be every major political official in aruba is going to have something to say about how this investigation should go on. him being held for this 60-day period based on everything we know is not real surprising. the question is, what happens next? if they can't find any more evidence, the primary evidence against him that his story doesn't make sense and his behavior was so bizarre after the fact, i don't think they'll be able to continue to hold him. >> does it help, we saw in matt's report, this woman who came forward, he took insurance out on me, we went snorkeling, we had a similar experience but nothing happened to me? how will investigators treat that? >> they'll look at the fact that there was another person where a policy had been taken out.
7:36 am
this is a piece that will look at, but the fact that he called american express numerous times to inquire and remember zhe also le lied to the ticket aagent. he said that my friend is taking another flight. the authorities are going to question you once you start acting in that way immediately after your companion goes missing. >> you have some thoughts on the amanda knox case. but first, sam and the weather again. >> let's deal with this flooding as it goes through the mid-atlantic into the northeast. from washington, d.c. all of the way up, this rain is just torrential at some point.
7:37 am
as it moves from central pennsylvania and to central new york state and curves towards the coastline. new york city, to scranton, all of these areas are in flood warnings. record flooding for the second time in two weeks. here's a quick look at the big board. toasty warm on the west coast. beautiful day in the middle of the country and t >> all of that weather was brought to you by the united states postal service. >> thank you sachl. coming up -- is amanda knox about to leave prison in italy? the evidence that could set her free, come on back. it can get really complicated.
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now to that legal victory for amanda knox, as you know, she's the american student accused of killing her roommate in jail. the prosecution's request for more crucial evidence has been denied. elizabeth vargas has been covering this from the start. >> reporter: after nearly four years behind bars, it appears that amanda knox could be one step closer towards freedom. the italian court denied the
7:42 am
prosecution's request for new independent tests of the key dna evidence at the heart of the amanda knox's appeal hearings. today's decision could lead one to think that there's more of a pocket that they would be set free. >> i think everybody that has seen everything knows that this is turning and hopefully it turns out right. >> reporter: the dna evidence came under fire after court-pointed independent experts that it had been con n contaminated. >> to come around and say we want another independent review because it didn't go our way, i think it was a desperation move on their part. >> reporter: still the prosecution insists that knox and her former boyfriend raffaele soleecito.
7:43 am
that amanda's mother is hopeful. many. >> two innocent people will be let go. >> reporter: for "good morning america," elizabeth vargas, abc news, new york. >> let's bring in dan abrams back. that is some admission from the prosecution saying that she could go free. >> this is a huge ruling against prosecutors in this case. they came back and said that we think the dna is contaminated. prosecution says theyy want another review. the court says no. >> that's what got her convicted the first time. >> i think the dna evidence was crucial. statements from amanda knox changed over the time. she said that she was coerced. if the court says okay, did dna is to be totally discounted, she
7:44 am
could have a good chance of getting released. nothing moves quickly there, by the way. i wouldn't expect that anything necessarily is going to move too quickly. by the end of the month these proceedings -- >> even this goes in favor of amanda knox, the prosecution can appeal. >> here, prosecution don't have the right to appeal. there, prosecutors can also appeal to a higher court saying that we would like the lower court's ruling overturned. based on what you just heard the prosecutors say, if this don't go their way, i expect that they will appeal. coming up -- it's our biggest live event, ever, can we pull it off? your three words live all around the world. you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you.
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♪ it is a once in a lifetime event. "gma" staple. your three words. we're not only going around the world, but the country, "good morning america." flow from and to.e rivers will again, in just moments, as we -- we want to hear your stories. that's what it began as.
7:50 am
today, we're going as far as afghanistan to hear them all. so, come on down with me. to our new set downstairs, it's terrific. hello, folks. yeah, that's -- it is ambitious to say the least. it is crazy. some might think. but we're here for you. again, there are too many stories to tell. so, what we wanted to today, was stretch a line all of the way through a narrow spine and do it in just three words. and away we go. again, in a matter of moments it will start here. you do, don't you? in a matter of moments, we'll go across to the marquee, we're going to up to the roof, we are going to chicago, to boston, to seattle, all of the way to afghanistan and back. we want to hear each and every
7:51 am
one of your stories. your three words. it's coming up next. don't go anywhere. next half hour. you guys excited? also, logon to facebook and twitter, we want to hear your stories. but you only have three words. trust us, it can be done and in just a few minutes we're going to do it like it's never been done before.
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ab crunch accessory. >> female announcer: total gym xls is built to last and because you're buying it direct from the manufacturer, you're buying it at the lowest price, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. >> male anno now, yo good morning, 7:56. we have a target on our backs here in central maryland. it has been a tight stretch of heavy rain. westminister not picking up too much. wood b.j. ryan almost an inch. an inch and three quarters in parkville. over two and a half inches some millersville. chester town and elkton picking up light amounts. settling upper 60s and low 70s. the rain is starting to fill back in eastern shore.
7:57 am
a tour here in maryland. highlighting the fact we have rain all around the beltway, especially up toward our northeast. eastern exes in hartford and cecil county. a slow trip around the beltway. the rain not as moderate. we are expecting heavier rain bands starting to shift off. heavy storms this morning and this afternoon we aim to this afternoon. be careful out there. we have a broken down car at 95 south on a mountain road in edgewood. also very slow top side to the beltway between 95 and york road. look at 83 north of the beltway. it is moving pretty well. that is the southbound traffic to the left of your screen. north of here we have an overturned vehicle with delays from york road also delayed
7:58 am
from warren to if he don'tia. looking south of here this is pratt and sharp downtown. let's go back to new york now and good morning america. >> if you don't believe it, try it. >> if i can do it,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ oh, this has gotta be the good life this has gotta be the good life ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life, good life ♪ they're playing our song. onerepublic. "good life," the theme of our big event. "your 3 words" is going to be live this morning. >> they're getting into it right
8:01 am
there in times square. a little rain is not going to scare anyone away in times square today and in the control room, everybody's getting ready. two control rooms ready. we're going to go all around the world today for "your 3 words." >> i tweeted that in the tweets coming in are so inspirational. three words, what people are saying, feeling and sharing. >> amazing what you can express in three words. >> it is. >> you know what, it all started four years ago on this show, we said every single week that we were going to turn the show over to our viewers and allow you to give us your three words. now we're big and live to hear from all of you all over the world. can you tell we're a little excited? >> gma weekend, a lot of credit, they're the ones that started this. they started a revolution in some ways.
8:02 am
all of that, plus, we have sarah jessica parker here with us talking about her new movie, going to talk to george about that. and joy behar is going to be here, talking about her new marriage. >> after 29 years. then they decided to get married. lots to get to this morning. and lot of news. >> with joy behar, she wanted to get married when her husband could get up on one knee. good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with concerns of what could it catastrophic flooding in the northeast, particularly pennsylvania and upstate new york, 10,000 people are evacuated around the city of binghamton alone. one river has risen 10 feet in 12 hours. students at one high school had to stay there overnight because going home was too dangerous. the other big story,
8:03 am
president obama preparing to address the nation at 10:00 eastern tonight, his plan to get americans back to work. the price tag, up to $400 billion, plan includes tax cut, spendsing and schools. could include lower mortgage payments for unemployed americans. perry maintained his criticism on social security calling it a ponzi scheme and a monstrous lie. mitt romney pounced. saying that americans want to save social security not abolish it. they didn't shy away from issue number one, jobs. >> michael dukakis created jobs three times faster than you did, mitt. >> as a matter of fact, jobs and his predecessor created jobs
8:04 am
faster than you did. >> that's not correct. >> the candidates' next debate will come monday night. a mysterious disappearance of a california nursing student back in may, police have charged michelle le's footballer high school friend with her murder. >> reporter: 26-year-old michelle le was last seen alive three months ago. wednesday morning, police arrested 27-year-old jazelle esteb esteban, they were friend in high school. >> security camera footage, where michelle's car had been, revealed that esteban was present before and after. >> reporter: police stains in her car and dna as well on
8:05 am
esteban's shoes esteban called a local tv station claiming that she hated le. but she denied having anything to do with le's disappearance. that man's brother said that he wasn't surprised by esteban's arrest. she was unstable, prompted to mood swings. >> reporter: now police, believe that esteban may be the only one to find le's body. >> we're not giving up until she's back with us. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie bu doe. a type of banana commonly sold in supermarket. it has yet to spread to latin
8:06 am
america where the bananas imported to the united states are sold. very good morning to you, josh, there's an american ceo who says why wait for the government to jump-start jobs? why not start a national movement to get america back to work? hear about it tonight on "world news." >> all pointing ahead to president obama's address at 7:00 eastern. now, pop news heat index. let's get right to it. one republic, do you know let's get physical by oliva newton-john. work with me. on the fitness front. maybe not. it's nice to have them right here. a new study are showing that more americans are getting in shape, or at least they mean to, memberships at health clubs is
8:07 am
at an all-time high. i thought this was interesting, the state with the most gym rats, massachusetts has the highest gym attendance. the worst gym attendance last year goes to alabama. thank you for the music. alabama, come on let's get physical. up next a very happy birthday, yes, i think you know what i'm going to say, today, 45 years ago is when we went boldly where no man has gone before, star trek's very first episode aired on this date 45 years ago. his run was under three years. star trek became one of the most popular shows in temperatures history, spawning five spin-offs, movies, happy birthday, star trek. which has done both, live long and prosper. yeah. i got so many others. don't even. don't ask. if your little girls are
8:08 am
suddenly taking an interest in broadway, here's why. one of the jo bros coming to the great white way. nick will star in how to succeed in business without really trying. we'll be able to hear hose screaming girls from here, because it's just down the street, starting in january. finally, oh, it looks like this elk in sweden had one too many fermented apples. he got drunk. he required emergency assistance getting out of a tree. then he passed out in the farmer's yard. i think everybody can relate to having one too many apple. and that's your pop news heat index. >> can't make it up. >> that's the weirdest one yet. >> that is saying something.
8:09 am
>> okay, sam try to top that one. >> i haven't gotten anything for it. flooding in the northeast the mid-atlantic, really because that rain continues. this was a tropical system lee. this moisture continues to pull into the northeast, it kind of got stuck, nothing really to push it out of the way. let's get to the maps. there's that area of low pressure as it swings into the northeast all of the rain and the showers will stay there. what will happen today, all of this rain will consolidate from pennsylvania to new york state. now, this is very heavy rain, in some cases an inch an hour. already 10, 12, 15-inch rainfall totals in some of this area. to the west coast, we're n
8:10 am
signs -- come right here. signs already for "your 3 words." here's a look ahead at what's ahead -- the gma live event. "your 3 words." just moments away. plus, sarah jessica parker in the house and newlywed joy behar, all coming up on "gma." ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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8:15 am
for more information or help paying for pradaxa, visit hearts are beating so fast right now. for the past four years you have been sharing the milestones in your lives in a segment that we love "your 3 wordsment" expressing common bonds. we're going to take it a lot farther today. locations all around the world. there will be hundreds of people participating. >> all of the anticipation leading to this one moment, to the beautiful song "good life" by onerepublic. here is "your 3 words" live.
8:16 am
ready, set, go! ♪ ♪ woke up in london yesterday found myself in the city near piccadilly don't really know how i got here i got some pictures on my phone ♪ ♪ new names and numbers that i don't know address to places like abbey road ♪ ♪ day turns to night night turns to whatever we want we're young enough to say ♪ ♪ oh, this has gotta be the good life this has gotta be
8:17 am
the good life ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life, good life ♪ ♪ say oh, got this feeling that you can't fight like this city is on fire tonight ♪ ♪ this could really be a good life ♪ to my friends in new york, i say hello my friends in l.a. they don't know where i've been for the past few years or so paris to china to colorado ♪ ♪ sometimes there's airplanes i can't jump out sometimes there's [ bleep ] that don't work now ♪ ♪ we are god of stories but please tell me what there is to complain about ♪ ♪ when you're happy like a fool let it take you over when everything is out
8:18 am
you gotta take it in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:19 am
♪ ♪
8:20 am
♪ ♪
8:21 am
[ cheers and applause ] houston, seattle, the dancers in chicago, afghanistan, rebs our troops. it's been wonderful, "your 3 " i love the weekend group. let's go inside to josh. >> all right, robin, just so we're clear, daddy loves sabrina. unbelievable stuff, that song has been resonating in for weeks. to pull that off, was great.
8:22 am
onerepublic. guys, the theme song "your 3 words." you guys helped up, "take more chances." why? >> the whole reason we exist is we took chances. this isn't a normal job to have. >> guys, when we approached you to do this, what did you think when you heard about it? >> we thought it was perfect. song, the song means so much to so many people. as we have been lucky to find out from the internet, on facebook and e-mails. to be a part of something like this, it's a huge honor. >> did you think we were a little crazy? >> you know what take more chances. you guys took a big chance. i'm all for it. >> guys, we couldn't have done it without you. "good life."
8:23 am
onerepublic. >> walt disney world right now, let's go down there, some princesses joining in the fun. i loved your sign, follow your dream, peyton, what is your dream. >> i should say, mostly to be a pop star, teacher or to work at disney. >> pop star, teacher or work at disney? >> you look that you can do any single one of those. how much fun was it to get this all together today? >> well, see, disney's just a really fun place for me. you know, it e's only that woul support me. >> thank you so much. >> i love how you highlighted your princesses.
8:24 am
to millennium park in chicago, we're going to talk with joshua with deeply root ee dance troupe. how has dance turned your life around? >> ask again. >> joshua? >> yes. >> ohio did dance turn your life around? >> dance has been the catalyst of inspiration as far as coming up as a young man from gary, indiana, that i have been able to proguess and do things that i thought that were really never possible. and to do things that i knew could inspire others. deeply rooted, we're talked about connections with
8:25 am
world-class art and everyone is capable of it. including you. >> thank you. thank you, josh. love to you all. >> let's go to fenway park in boston, and and jacob, a red sox scholar and you said the sign with your little guys there, "we dream big." is the dream being realized? they're on field at fenway. how are they feeling right now, jacob? >> the words "we dream big" means a lot. they mean you can be successful in life and achieve your goals. because it helps children presevere in life. my dream is to work in law enforcement, to be a cop or anything to help out my community. so, i just want -- that's my dream. >> well, you hope you do.
8:26 am
we thank you for standing out there and being part of this magical event. >> it was a big dream for us to do this and we couldn't have done it without our fantastic abc stations all across the nation. so, thank you. special thanks to the key producers who made this morning's possible. three words they want to show you, too, brian? no, she's the brains of the operations. she inspired us. >> she pulled this all together. >> thank you all. especially to our abc stations. >> look at that control room. you guys did good. >> it was was great. it was great. it was great. my three words. >> three words, sarah jessica parker in our next half hour.
8:27 am
>> see her live. s my skin, and i dare you... i dare you to look as good as i do. >> announcer: you get everything-- the nubrilliance dual-action system with diamond-tip exfoliation and fully adjustable vacuum stimulation, three 8:27 this morning. i want to take you to millersville. 69 degrees and so far today, 2.67 inches of rain. two and three quarters inches of rain. that is a sign of some of the heavy stuff starting to flow up to the north. parts of hartford county heavy rain up to cecil as well. we have had lightning strikes. we'll switch over to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. parkville, we have had our fair share. it breaks us west of reisers town. back toward arnold and
8:28 am
annapolis and millersville. the heavy stretch heading into the west side of baltimore city. even though we may get breaks and lulls, we had the flash flood warning. the rest of these warnings going, actually expire at 8:45 and we have a flood watch that goes the rest of the day. the outer loop is slow. 95 to york road. also green springs to edmonton. wet weather means slow roads. looking at 83 north of the beltway. the ramp is very slow getting onto the outer loop. we have a disabled car on the outer loop at white marsh boulevard. looking at the jfx northern parkway, stop and go traffic, more stop than go. this is similar to yesterday.
8:29 am
at cold spring to picks up a little bit but still very slow. let's back to new york and "good morning america."
8:30 am
♪ oh, this has gotta be the good life this has gotta be the good life ♪ just moments ago, we headed around the world, houston, afghanistan, seattle, orlando, arizona, boston and so many places in between, it was truly thrilling. and we're going to have joy behar joining us in a moment. she's here. >> tell you what, that terrified the control room. that terrified the staff for a better part of a month. >> joy pulled it off. >> i have three words for the control room, i'm sure they were
8:31 am
feeling, it was chaos. but it was controlled chaos. thank you for joining us. >> it's not the end. we're going to be talking about this for a long time. keep the submissions coming in. >> still ahead, we have onerepublic the band that started it for us this morning. but we have to say, thank you, thank you, thank you. you at home, in the control room, thank you. there's no "i" in team. a team effort. we're going to talk to joy behar and we got onerepublic. and george is inside. three words. sarah jessica parker. george? >>. >> thanks, guys. we have a special treat on this special day. we're up here with sarah jessica parker. it's been too long.
8:32 am
great to have you back. >> thank you. very exciting. >> let's talk about your new movie, i don't know how she does it, a woman balancing family, her job, her husband, her kids, all at the same time trying to hold it together. >> yeah, there were themes that were very familiar. an inner monologue that i immediately found relatable. what i found was what i knew to be very accurate about millions and millions and millions of working women, not just in this country, eastern europe, uk, this a portrait of modern parenthood. >> every single scene, ali is going, yes, yes, that's right. that real struggle that everyone has of when you are doing right by your kids, your job, how to make sure you --
8:33 am
>> absolutely. you know, particular to women, but is not just a story for women, it's really about this -- this portrait of what it is to be a parent in these specific times and this economic climate and how we are all whether you work inside or outside the home, this very noble search, this pursuit for balance and some people are working because they have to, because they have want to and there are combinations of that. we want to be as women, loved and well thought of at home by the people that are most important to us. well regarded professionally. how to be a woman in a typically traditional male environment and still have their maternal instincts met. it's a complicated life. i hope we showed the story with hue mar and it can be painful and complicated for husbands and
8:34 am
wives. >> greg kinnear does a terrific job. >> and pierce brosnan is the temptation. >> wait, can you just wait one second while i take a really quick shower? >> where is poly? she's been late every single day. >> if we don't keep her happy, she'll leave. >> would that be the worst thing in the world? >> frankly, it would be easier if you left. you know what i mean. >> no, ouch. >> she doesn't mean that. but, you know, i mean, you have people in your life, like wonderful baby-sitters that you're enormously rely on. it's like jenga. you remove one -- >> i don't think you have been on here since the twins came. we all love so much those pictures in vogue over the summer. what a beautiful spread. >> thank you. >> how is it all going in it's
8:35 am
wonderfully complicated. it's as one character says i think directly from allison pearson's novel, it's mothers the terrific controllers of this amazing, complicated traffic space, it's so -- it's complicated and it's basically everything i ever wanted. it's a blessing, it's a delight. they're challenging, they're 2 and there's two of them. it's just enriched our lives in words i can't express. >> what is the toughest for you going to work? >> i think it's -- it's most difficult at the most surprising moments. you plan to be away. it's a finite period of time. you can make sense of it.
8:36 am
then something happens and then you have to leave unexpectedly and go out for a work thing that you didn't plan. that's the moment where you breaks you. the other night i had to do something and i had been away, it was far more painful than knowing in my head i'm away for seven days and maybe other mothers can relate to that and fathers. it's surprising the things that are painful or the things that you feel the most conflict about or these measures of guilts. >> ali was telling me some of the elements in this character was anti-carrie. do you miss carrie at all? >> i think i miss the company i kept. i think i miss the familiarity of those, you know, 200 people that i spent 12 years with, shooting on the streets of new york the way we did. and playing somebody that was not familiar to me personally
8:37 am
but so intimate with me in so many ways. i loved the stories that we got to tell. i miss the people. more resonate relative to my life has been really nice, experienced in a way, it seemed like an ideal departure to make, something that could connect in women in an entirely different way. i feel this gratitude to this audience that has been with me for a while and so i feel like i get to tell another story for women. >> you certainly do. the movie is called "i don't know how she does it." it opens up on september 16th. >> thank you so much. sam, what do you have? >> george, i'm clapping for the audience. we worked you guys so hard today. thank you, guys, showing up for
8:38 am
today. let's get to the boards. let's start with our twitter pictures. some rough weather as of late taken before, during or after. as long as you're safe we would love to have your pictures. look at the let spots, the spots that have the heaviest rain. binghamton it's going to be a tough today. we think they'll get above flood stage today. atlanta, they have been tweeting us, you're having a lovely day, 77 degrees today. dallas has dropped down to the cooler 80s. spokane is 92. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
8:39 am
all of that weather was brought to you by certified insurance. kate's big wed and kim's g bigging. forget that, joy behar is coming up to talk these brown spots, these signs
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:42 am
joy behar is back from summer vacation so much to celebrate. this week she's kicking off her 15th season of the view. launching the third season already of the joy behar show on hln and perhaps the biggest surprise, you're a blushing bride. do you feel like a bride? >> do i look like a blushing bride? 29 years. >> do you feel like you're on your honeymoon. >> no, i don't. i feel like i did something that i probably needed to do. long time together, 29 years of warmup. you get to know each other and so, it was the time to do it. even though i wouldn't recommend it to younger people. >> what do you mean? >> you need to someone for a long time.
8:43 am
>> for 29 years? >> no, that's bit over the top. >> speaking of over the top, on the show, view, you gave your top ten reasons you finally got married. we're going to show the top three. >> okay. >> number three, joy is back of barbara walters bugging her to get married. number two, a career move zjoy is hoping to get on the cover of "brides" magazine aarp edition. and the number one reason they decided to get married, joy is expecting twins. >> that would be a miracle. >> what is the secret to staying together and being happy? >> seriously? >> yeah. >> well, i dpesz, we're not touchy. we're not touchy. like if he says something to me, something that could be insulting to other people, i don't care and neither does he.
8:44 am
you have to roll with the punches about what you say to each other and not be too sensitive and he's very funny. the first year we were going together, i was a comedienne. you don't want to scare them. we fool around. we carry on. that was at the wedding, by the way. >> that's classic. but, also, how you say that -- how you look at each other, how you see each other. >> she sees angelina, i see brad pitt. it's very important. >> i love it. also the fact that you have been on the view, you and barbara walters, the only two original cast members. here you are, starting your 15th season. >> barbara's the boss, she started it.
8:45 am
of course, she's going to stay there as long as she wants. every two, three years, i have to say okay, are we staying? >> what have you enjoyed the most about these 15 years? >> i just love the show. it's so spontaneous. every time we change cast, it's a whole new ball game. the lighting is phenomenal on that show. i just took a look at that. we all look 30. >> we're all envious of that lig lighting. >> it's all about lighting in television. >> it wasn't lara talking about it, it was josh elliott, he said that's great lighting. let's get that here. >> it's our new studio. we're very happy. >> you got so many people here today. >> it's that little thing around the world -- your 3 words." you're also on your own boss on
8:46 am
hln. >> at the view it's a group fe nonnon. over there it's a singular thing. >> the best of both worlds. >> i work hard. i'm up early and i go to bed late. >> you were a receptionist one time at gma. >> every time i come here i have a vietnam flashback. i was here from '79 to '82. then i got fired. >> then six months, i was on the show six months later. >> you're a good kid. >> thank you very much. >> always good to have you here. you can see joy on the view which airs weekdays here on abc. check your local listings. next, onerepublic is back, performing live. and i can endorse 100%.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
one republic is back to perform their second single. the studio is crowded. it's been an incredible day. tell us your three words. >> i'm going on one-hour sleep. >> one-hour sleep. >> i spaced out. my original three words were fight, fight, fight. >> here we go. onerepublic, hit it. with secrets. ♪ i need another story something to get off my chest my life gets kinda boring need something that i can confess ♪ ♪ till all my sleeves are stained red
8:50 am
from all the truth that i've said ♪ ♪ come by it honestly i swear thought you saw me wink, no i've been on the brink, so ♪ ♪ tell me what you want to hear something that were like those years ♪ ♪ sick of all the insincere so i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line don't care if critics never jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ my god, amazing how we got this far it's like we're chasing all those stars ♪ ♪ who's driving shiny big black cars and every day i see the news ♪ ♪ all the problems that we could solve and when a situation rises ♪ ♪ just write it into an album singing straight, too cold
8:51 am
i don't really like my flow, no, so ♪ ♪ tell me what you want to hear something that were like those years sick of all the insincere ♪ ♪ so i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line don't care if critics never jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ oh, got no reason got not shame got no family i can blame ♪ ♪ just don't let me disappear i'ma tell you everything ♪ ♪ so tell me what you want to hear something that were like those years ♪
8:52 am
♪ sick of all the insincere so i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line don't care if critics never jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ so tell me what you want to hear ♪ ♪ something that were like those years sick of all the insincere ♪ ♪ so i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line don't care if critics never jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away all my secrets away
8:53 am
all my secrets away ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i use the collagen
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
what an incredible morning. that's our jumbotron and that's a three-world cloud. the biggest words, love, family and god. this is like snl at the end. >> we want you to send your three words to upload your videos. we might use them on the show. cremes, a $60 value that you'll receive absolutely free. the preparation cleanser, collagen regenerator and moisturizing day cream are
8:57 am
perfect for treatments or regular use on a daily basis. good morning, just a few minutes before 9:00. in a couple of minutes we'll have a full live news and traffic and weather update on abc2news. now focusing from cent cent county to cecil county. up until 10:30, the rain easing up for the time being a little bit. yellow rain in the green. another surge coming from baltimore city about to cross over toward the other side of the beltway. as we pull this back, you can see this stretch. unfortunately, another band of rain coming in to howard county just we west of columbia. annapolis in this little protective bubble, but still moderate to heavy rainfall coming back in a cross 50 and heading over toward the you'll see that band, we have more bands to continue throughout the morning.
8:58 am
coming up from the south, this is an end in sight. we have an hour or two of moderate to heavy rainfall at times. we'll funnel all this moisture up in our direction from the south. we have flood warnings in parts of baltimore and hartford counties. these give away to showers and showers could break up as we go this toward the afternoon. with our guaranteed high of muggy steamy 81. again coming up in a couple of minutes, go to we'll have a complete news, traffic and weather update. we'll breakdown the rainfall we have seen so far and go through the extended forecast be careful out there.
8:59 am

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